This is a small prototype I made in 7 hours for the 4-hour-game-jam (sorry just couldn't be faster, damn that worms ^^).

It's basically an experiement to mix the platformer like gamestyle of my game Alice In the Mushroom Hole ( with some action elements.

- Controls A,S,D to move, Mouse to Aim and shoot

- There seams to be a bug - sometimes the keyboard input doesn't work. If that happens try to toggle fullscreen mode (should also work if you toggle back back to browser mode).

- You can jump on the Yellow Mushrooms if you want, all other elements in the game hurt you.

- Performance is horrible sorry!

- Music is horrible too sorry again!

- and I really don't know why the left and right channel are swapped? :D

Feedback of any kind welcome :)

Published May 23, 2015
Made withUnity